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fashion photography schools in canada

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UNHCR News Story: World Refugee Day: The world pays tribute to refugees with a rich mix of events

UNHCR News Story: World Refugee Day: The world pays tribute to refugees with a rich mix of events

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Chadian refugee children for a dancing World Refugee Day event in Bangui / UNHCR / 20 June 2009

World Refugee Day: The world pays tribute to refugees with a rich mix of events

GENEVA, June 20 (UNHCR) – UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres marked World Refugee Day by taking breakfast with former refugees at an Ethiopian restaurant in Chicago, while millions of others also paid tribute this Saturday to the 42 million forcibly displaced people around the globe.

The breakfast was hosted by resettled refugees and held at the Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant, which is owned by a former refugee. Also present were Congresswoman Jan Shakowski, who represents the Democratic Party in Illinois, and former refugees from Liberia, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bhutan.

"World Refugee Day is about giving a wider audience a better understanding of what it means to be a refugee," said Guterres. "What better place to mark it than, Chicago, which has one of the United States' – and the world's – most successful resettlement programmes. Refugees truly feel welcomed here."

Meanwhile, award-winning American actress Angelina Jolie, one of several UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors to take part in World Refugee day events this year, called on people to remember refugees. "They deserve our respect. Please do not forget them," she said in a special public service announcement.

With "Real People, Real Needs," as this year's global theme, UNHCR and its partners, including governments, donors, non-governmental organizations, Goodwill Ambassadors and refugees themselves, have been taking part in a wide range of activities all week long, including photography exhibitions, film festivals, lectures, panel discussions, puppet shows, food bazaars, tree planting, fashion shows, concerts and sports competitions.

There have also been quizzes, drawing and essay writing competitions, seminars, workshops, speeches, public awareness campaigns and poetry recitals. And for the first time, UNHCR arranged a live webcast from some of its overseas operations. The stream was due to run for 12 hours on Saturday, linking refugees in eastern Chad, internally displaced people in Colombia and UNHCR staff in Pakistan and Syria to the world. Viewers were able to put their questions to field staff and refugees through moderators in the United States.

It has become an annual tradition in some cities to light up historic buildings or monuments. The Colosseum in Rome, Canberra's old Parliament Building and the towering Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva were all bathed in UN blue. This year they were joined by the Monument of Mother Georgia in Tbilisi.

The annual tribute to refugees and other forcibly displaced people began in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday. As the sun wended its way westwards, more and more people and countries joined in the celebrations.

In Australia, UNHCR hosted a special community gathering in the capital, Canberra. Former refugees from Myanmar and Africa shared their stories and culture, including music and dance at the event, which was attended by John Gibson, president of the Refugee Council of Australia, and other dignitaries.

To the north, in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, some 400 people attended UNHCR's packed World Refugee Day Symposium at the United Nations University building. It included speeches, a recital by actress and violinist Ikuko Kawai, and a presentation about the making of a popular TV series about a fictional UNHCR worker.

There were panel discussions and testimonies, while Akio Kanai, a Nansen Refugee Award winner who has donated spectacles to tens of thousands of displaced people, talked about a recent trip to Azerbaijan. Outside the high-rise building, a UNHCR family tent had been erected and UNHCR partners, including the government and humanitarian aid groups, helped spread awareness about refugee issues.
In Hong Kong, around 100 UNHCR supporters and staff members took in a special "Refugee Run" organized by the Crossroads Foundation, a locally based aid group and partner of the refugee agency. The run gives those taking part a simulation of life as a refugee. UNHCR and Crossroads are also co-presenting a week-long refugee film festival, which opens tomorrow.

Running seemed to be a popular WRD event in South Asia. UNHCR took part in a 10-kilometre mini marathon on the Jaffna Peninsula at the tip of northern Sri Lanka. Not so long ago this was a war zone, but on Saturday locals and foreigners came to enjoy themselves and remember the displaced in a country with an estimated 550,000 internally displaced people.

A tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) equipped with speakers went ahead of the runners telling people about World Refugee Day and the races, which included a five-kilometre run for women. Locals gave runners water and cheered them on. The races were organized by the Refugee Rehabilitation Organization, a UNH

The Decisive Moment : Capturing the Paparazzi at work

The Decisive Moment : Capturing the Paparazzi at work

These guys were pro, and they had the press passes to prove it. That platform which they are on was only for photographers with press credentials.

They were covering an outdoor fashion show literally on the streets. I was just walking around the area when I noticed this event and worked my way through the crowd until I was right next to these guys.

I had to sneak this shot and I timed it exactly, when they were shooting (so they would think I was also taking photos of the fashion models). They had no knowledge at all, that I took this shot ... hahaha.

Um, if you think this shot can be done with a telephoto lens - I would have to strongly disagree. Because look at the angle of the shot - I had to get under the bar - and I am no more than 1 FOOT AWAY from the closest photographer.

Also, if you've been to outdoor events like these, you would know that there are crowds, and the only way to get unobscured shots is to be right upclose. The composition is done on purpose (obviously) and the anonymity of the photographer on the far left is preserved - to add a dynamic tension to the shot. The guy with the long hair - is old school though (he was using film).

The title : Decisive Moment - of course, I borrowed from Henri Cartier-Bresson.

There is a sense of immediacy to shots that are really close that you can't fake with a telephoto lenses, though. Robert Capa's famous motto about getting totally close-up, reminds me to be fearless, and bold when taking photos. I'm always striving for an "original" photo , not the generic ones.

The adventure in photography is taking that risk to be bold and fearless, without regret of not taking the shot due to personal intimidiation.

fashion photography schools in canada

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High Fashion Photography Tips : 8 Fashion Outlet Locations

High Fashion Photography Tips

high fashion photography tips

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Press pass. Hell yeah!

What a loooooong but good day! Got up at 7am so I'm pretty knackerd now. But it was worth it.
Thom came with me, and I dragged him around London so i could finish my City project. Took some images of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and then the National Gallery. I really like them, so I hope my tutor will say that they go well with the Berlin photos in my tutorial tomorrow.

When I was done we met up with Thom's friends and walked (rushed) to Somerset House. I was a bit late, so I really thought they would start without me (it clearly said in the papers we were given that it was VERY important that we were on time because of the tight schedule), but it was fine; they hadn't started yet. Puh.

After I signed all the papers and got my press pass there was a whole lot of waiting. One and a half hours waiting to be exact. But we got some good advice from Professional Photographer Magazine's editor, and he said that he's really thankful that so many turned up because the standard of the competition entries were really high, and a guy from Canon gave me some tips on what settings to use during a Catwalk shoot (thanks for that, it was really helpful!).

The show started at 7pm and was over at 7.20pm. Very quick, but it was fun! Really a great experience and I got many photos that I'm really proud of. When I was on my way out I stopped to thank the editor for this opportunity, and said that I got some really good photos. And he said that I should upload them to the magazine's website, and "we'll se what happens"! Maybe (hopefully) someone with jobs will see them (hehehe, dreaming).

I'll show some of the photos at a later date, but right now I have to go through the City project photos and sleep.

Back in 2010. I asked my friend Val to help give me tips on how to work with models & criticize my camera angles when it came to shooting models. She was the model as well as teacher that day. haha

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