Wholesale Fashion Showrooms

wholesale fashion showrooms

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wholesale fashion showrooms - Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and other touchscreens

Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and other touchscreens

More control as you write, sketch, tap and drag on your iPad, iPhone or any touch screen. Griffin's Stylus is a balanced pointer with a soft rubber tip custom designed to mimic your finger. The omni-directional tip adapts to any writing style and doesn't care whether you're left-handed or right-handed. Keeps your touch screen free of fingerprints and smudges as it gives increases control over any touch screen operation. Perfect for flight simulator apps, sketching, drawing and photography apps and any use where you need a finer degree of control than your finger can offer. Stylus includes an integrated clip that attaches to a pocket in your bag or a pencil loop in your iPad case.

79% (17)



A runway still from Eventide's NY fashion week Spring Summer 08 show.
This items are available for wholesale through RIOT showroom.

ShowRoom Privado

ShowRoom Privado

ShowRoom Privado Organizado por Alejandra Nuno

wholesale fashion showrooms

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